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Quick Game Building Article

A characteristic of the audio game industry is that games are usually developed very, very slowly. The development teams are small, there are many beginner programmers and designers and nobody really has time to build games because everybody has a life too. Many game ideas never even make it to the first playable stage: the working prototype.

For all of you who recognice these issues, I would like to bring forward a very interesting article featured on Gamasutra.com. It is about rapid prototyping and contains many handy tips and tricks for building game prototypes under 7 days! It was written by four game design students who developed 50 (!) games in just one semester. Although I am anxious to find out how exactly "the failure of audio-only gameplay" was proven (given that our website provides more than 150 examples of games with audio-only gameplay), the articles is a very valuable read! You can read the article through this link:


Happy developing!

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